So I left the story at the end of day 1. I’d walked 30 miles, demolished a curry, had a few broken hours sleep and I was in bad shape. I still had another 20 miles to go, yet I could hardly get out of bed. It was going to be a loooong day.

The thought of all the people who had sponsored me kept me going and was a great source of inspiration over the weekend

I had purposefully planned a much easier day two. The route was shorter at a mere 20 miles, plus it was mostly through an area that is very familiar to me, so I was confident in my navigating.

As I gingerly stepped out of the car, I was still struggling to walk. I had stupidly not worn my Armaskin socks on day one and I had a few blisters. However, better late than never, I remembered them for the second day and they made a massive difference. My feet went from agony to slightly sore in an instant and meant that I could at least walk on them. My hip was a different matter. I’ve never had any issues, but then I’ve never walked 30 miles in one go before. I was desperately praying that my aches and pains would ease off, but in all honesty, I had no idea if I’d make it to the end.

The first part of the walk was along the Grand Union Canal

I picked up where I left off, at Stoke Bruerne beside the canal. I had planned a slight detour from the official Northamptonshire Round, and so my route was to take me from Stoke Bruerne to Bugbrooke along the towpath. This was mainly because I was expecting a slow and painful start, plus it makes navigating super simple.

As I started my hip was still very sore and, as Luke pulled away in the car after dropping me off, I felt a sudden wave of panic wash over me. I decided that all I could do was give it a go. If

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