Milestones… we all wait and wait for them to come and we celebrate the tiniest development or achievement as if it’s the biggest thing in the world.  Over the years we haven’t had many huge milestones to celebrate with William, but the little ones have been incredible and well worth celebrating.

The day he left hospital…

First smiles, first teeth, first holiday…

The time he used the potty for the first time, even though he only managed to sit for 3 seconds or so before he fell off (yes, I was that mum who took a photo of the first poo on the potty but don’t worry I won’t share it here!)…


The first time he slept through the night… that one was a LONG time coming!

The first time he ate a whole meal without throwing up…

His first day at school and first day on the school bus…

Climbing trees, riding a bike and going horse-riding at his amazing school

First pint.. joke! Just checking if you’re still reading!!

There have been too many to remember and every single one has been amazing.  But now we’ve reached one I don’t want to celebrate.  One which has made me the most depressed I’ve felt in years and one that’s been playing on my mind for ages as I knew it was coming but was hoping we weren’t there quite yet.

The milestone I’m talking about is the one where he is getting too big.  Too heavy and difficult for me to lift.

William is now 8, he weighs about 22kg (3 1/2 stone approx) and while his weight is still managable, he is tall and difficult to lift.  He doesn’t hold his own weight, support himself or hold on. His limbs are long and awkward to manage, his head control is poor and his body lacks any supportive tone when you lift him.  

I can lift him, I am strong enough, but every muscle in my body is working overtime when I do.  

And I’ve injured myself.  Badly.  I knew this day would come but

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