Two years again I set myself a travel challenge to travel to 30 countries before I turned 30. I am happy to report I managed to accomplish that goal but now I am like what’s next? My lovely work colleagues decided to gift me the lonely planet‘s ultimate travel list, 500 places to explore. I thought it was very thoughtful of them because many know once you complete a challenge you start looking for another. I was am at that stage of now wanting another travel challenge to do. When sharing the news of completing the 30 Before Thirty I mentioned I might re-do #Take12Trips travel challenge. But then I thought nah, I can do that anytime I please. I needed something exciting to do, I needed travel inspiration, queue up the Travel Name Game.

So what is the Travel Name Game? 

Well I am glad you asked, ok I know you did but let’s pretend you did. It is a campaign started by Flight Centre after scanning their database for the most popular cities frequently visited by British travelers. They did not stop there, no they searched what names visited what cities. The first time I heard of this campaign I was totally blown away and wanted in. I quickly checked which places are most frequently visited by Miranda’s and the result New York.

Since I have been to New York and recently Boo & I where discussing visiting together I was elated. It surely is fate that this one place I want to re-visit so bad is listed as #1 for Miranda’s.

How it works

Though I have basically explained the gist of this campaign, I thought I also show you.

{1} Step 1 – Get over to Flight Centre webpage by clicking HERE. You will be presented with the screen below where you can type in your name and submit.

{2} Step 2 – The results are presented with the most frequently visited place by people with your name. As I mentioned for me Miranda produced New York and so did my middle name {Anosa}.

The beauty is

Read the full original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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