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I’m all riled up.  Like really, really riled up!! My poor parents were subject to my ranting and raving this afternoon. Bless them.

You see, I want to cut down on our household plastic consumption. I feel we need to do our bit and be a bit more conscious about being so wasteful.

So I ordered some paper sandwich bags for lunch boxes as cling film isn’t exactly fulfilling this mission. We were using it every day, sometimes more and I began to feel bad. Monty won’t eat the free school meal offering, which is a pain in the rear. I tried him for a week whilst in Reception and was soon informed he ‘stored’ bits of food in his cheeks and refused to swallow it. All afternoon. Like a hamster………….

So the aforementioned ‘bags’ arrive………….yes you’ve guessed it…..wrapped in pointless plastic. Lots of it too. FFS…………*shakes head in despair*

Need I say more………….as you were…………

Happy Friday!!!!!


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