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Things I’ve been loving this month – July

July monthly favourites.

July monthly favourites in August lol! Sorry this blog post it a bit late! I was meant to put it up last week! But I have had lot’s of things going on and also my sister had a week off work, so I haven’t had my niece. I have just been focusing on other things, I’ll probably post about the other things I’ve been focusing on in another blog post soon.

Here are my July’s favourites, I’m not sure I will keep doing posts like this. But we will see! Every time I haven’t posted in a while it is harder to come back to. I love writing, but all the other bits that come with blogging is just hard to keep creating. I do love to do it though and I don’t think I will never not blog. But the writing part comes easy to me and the photos and things just take up a lot more time to do. But it does make me happy. Just hate, when I am not posting every week! It just feels like a huge gap when I do post.

So from now I want to start dedicating more time to my blog and just sitting down to write! I can only really write when I am on my own and not much is going on. It would be so much easier,  if I could just write anywhere at anytime…

Candles from my friend Beck.

My friend beck brought me these candles! I love them, they smell so good and I just love candles! They go with a cactus my mum brought me the other week. Which I’ve posted about below. I haven’t burnt them yet as they look so pretty! But as it’s getting colder and feeling like autumn so I will light them. Thanks again beck!

Cactus from my mum.

As you can see every one has been buying me little gifts lately, for no reason. But I’m not complaining! I love this cactus it can be used for my blogging props as well. Which I am always looking for new things! As you can see this is watermelon print to. Can you tell I have been going through a watermelon phase lol! I brought a bedding set which was water melon from asda, so this and my candles go with it. Also my necklace was gifted to me from a website called, STATEMJEWELLERY. Which I wrote a little bit about on my previous post

Bricks and sushi set for my niece

I was also gifted all this for my niece! She was so excited to open it all and played with it for hours! Thank you Strictly briks and hape. I will link them here

Ty’s birthday

‘Happy 5th birthday Ty 💙 I can’t believe 5 years ago I got to watch you being born! Now I get to watch you grow into the amazing, funny, cheeky, loving, handsome boy! You do make me laugh all the time and it makes me laugh watching your mummy! Especially when you do something cheeky  I am so proud of everything you have become! We wouldn’t have you any other way TyTy! Love you loads💙 #nomummy’

As you probably would have seen on my instagram, my friends little boy turned 5 and he had such a good birthday doing what he loves. I am so proud of how far he has come! He amaze’s me every time I see him. I would love to do a post on his birth and autism awareness!

The pool in the garden with Ty and Sienna.

This day was just perfect! We played in the pool and I got in and they splashed me so much. I love making memories with these two. It was just the best day! My friend stayed over and we had Chinese takeaway for dinner, in the garden and just chatted for hours! Definitely was one of my favourite days this summer.

Ty splashing me haha

I love seeing these two share! Ty follows Sienna with most things she does. You’ll see them both pushing her pretend baby buggies. It is just the cutest!

The moon

Pretty random but this night the moon just looked so pretty! Sometimes I just love to sit there with a cup of tea and look at the moon it makes me so relaxed!

Helping Caitlin start a blog

My little cousin has started her own blog! I love that she looks at what I am doing and wants to do it to. I wish I had blogging when I was younger. I think having a hobby is so, so good for you. Go check it out. I’ll link her instagram and blog here



Book – The ultimate happiness prescription

I haven’t finished this book yet! But it is such a good book! Highly recommend. I love most books and things Deepak Chopra does.


This razor is so good! It also came with this bag and a dove set which I will link here:

So that is everything I have been loving for July! I have more but I just didn’t take pictures. Hope you like posts like this! Let me know if you would like to see any other blog post from me, down below in the comments.


Kirst x

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