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Month – June Things I have been loving

This month I have decided to start a monthly favourites blog post.

I am back blogging I really have been slacking with it lately. But I want to get back in to doing regular posts on here monthly. So I thought to get me back into things I would do a monthly favourites blog post as I haven’t done one in so long. I always sit and look at my blog and think oh no I have nothing to write!

But then I sit down with a title to a blog post and I just start to write. I don’t have to think about it too much and that’s what I love about it. It feels normal to just sit here and write, it doesn’t feel so normal when I think about who will be reading it though. Even though I have been blogging a while now! And I have companies asking me to write for them, I still think am I good at this? But I am still getting use to that side of it.

I thought I would list a few of the things I have been loving this month! Hopefully I want to start doing this post every month.

I haven’t been paid to write about any of these products. But there are some affiliate links. I am always posting on my Instagram and twitter, if you would like to follow me @kirstysloves

Gordon’s Pink Gin

Month June Favourites

I have been absolutely loving pink Gin lately! If you haven’t tried it you should… It is my new favourite summer drink. It does get you drunk a bit quicker because it is so easy to drink. If you have any suggestions for new drinks to try you can dm me on Instagram. Me and the girls have been going to the local pub a lot more recently and I love trying new drinks.

Mustard New Look cardigan

I didn’t think a mustard coloured cardigan would have suited me. But I tried it on and I loved it. It’s from new look.

Love Island

Every year I watch love island, this years didn’t start out that well. But it has definitely started to get better! Even though I have been fuming watching it the last couple of night’s. Megan hasn’t acted very nice, I really feel for Laura. Also I don’t think love island has ever been inclusive! It is always slim thin white girls and the odd slim black girl and same with the men! Just more muscle. I would hope that they would start to include some more diversity in the future.

Power on Netflix

I really didn’t think I would get into this show on Netflix, as I’ve been recommended it so many times. So I decided to watch it and I haven’t been able to stop watching it. I would highly recommend, if you haven’t already seen it. I think the next season starts on the 5th July.

Make up organisation

I am always changing where I put my make up. I have put it on this acrylic mirrored tray from west elm before. But I thought I would change it around. But I am happy with it although all my make up wouldn’t fit, so I’ve had to put some in my desk draw.

Plumstead Make Merry

Every year in my area they do a make merry. It is run by volunteers. This is my friends little boy, I didn’t get to see him on this because I was walking around other stalls. But I knew he would have loved this. Bumping into each other! My friend said he was laughing when he bumped into people. Love him and his cheeky smile!

Next Paradise Perfume

This perfume smells amazing! My sister use to have it when I was a teenager and I use to always spray it on me, hoping she wouldn’t notice. So I thought I would get myself a bottle, it was only £8. If you haven’t smelt it before, you need to. It smells very summery. Perfect for summer.

Mum & Dads Garden/Flowers

I have been loving sitting in my mum and dads garden. They have recently just got a new table, so I’ve out there doing emails and things. Perfect relaxing afternoon and evenings. My mum absolutely loves gardening and flowers. So I always take photos when the flowers come out.

St Tropez Gradual Tan 

I love this stuff! I am not very good at fake tan! I always look orange. But I really like this. It’s gradual so you don’t get that really orange look, Which I hate.


I have been loving this bb cream, it even’s out my skin colour and I don’t have to wear foundation! Which is a life saver in this weather. It also has Spf20 in, which is definitely needed right now. I use to have a body shop one, but it wasn’t as good. This is definitely worth the money.

Here is a link to my previous post here if you fancy a read. [email protected]

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