It is no secret that I suffer from Epilepsy, after all it is in my blog title! It’s now been 8 years since I had my very first seizure and coming up to 6 years since I was given the Epilepsy diagnosis and put on medication. Although the seizures are no longer as frequent one thing that has stayed the same is the reaction and judgement from others before they even get to know me.
Ever since I got the diagnosis, things that I used to take for granted are getting taken away from me, day by day. Every seizure that I have takes one thing away from my independence. Before the diagnosis I was a normal child, I rode my bike until dusk, I was allowed to learn in lessons that felt so utterly boring but in hind sight were the best days of my life. Each seizure pushed my classmates and teachers further and further away. Lessons that I dreaded to enter I soon longed to be in because teachers said it would be better for me to sit in the library all day. I longed for normality but it seemed light years away.
What got me through those days was the thought that school is only temporary and that it wouldn’t be long until I was out in the big world earning a living and being someone. Little did I know that it wasn’t going to be that way. It isn’t easy for healthy people to find jobs but it is a damn sight harder for those with conditions to land one. I applied for numerous jobs every day, many asked for medical history and those were the ones I didn’t hear back from. Months went past and I still hadn’t walked the path I longed for. I was starting to worry that I was never going to make something of myself. That was until I had a reply from a job I had applied for – one of which didn’t ask for medical information until they said I had an interview, the interview sadly fell on a family

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