Get set, ready go! Three Marathons Around the World to Run in Your Lifetime.

If running a marathon is your thing, I both congratulate and commend you. As somebody who gets out of breath going up the stairs and will actively avoid physical exercise at any cost – whether that be through wheeling my way across the office at work or driving to the shops around the corner – unsurprisingly, completing a marathon has never been on my list. That said, if I was ever going to go through with the blood, sweat and tears associated with such an epic feat, I’d at least want to be rewarded for it with more than a shiny medal. The notion of additional reward intrigued me, so I started Googling. Five minutes later, the clouds that had marred the running part of my brain my entire life metaphorically parted, and I’d basically signed up to a handful of marathons in my head. Here are three marathons that will get your heart rate going without the cardio, as they lead you on a guided tour of some of the most phenomenal places on the planet.

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On any given day, attempting to run through the streets of Tokyo is a matter of taking life into your own hands. With pedestrian crossings so heavily swamped with people you can barely see the floor and subways so packed they employ people to literally shoe-horn people into carriages, a marathon is the ultimate way to explore the city without the shoulder barging and bustle. The marathon takes place in February each year which makes for ideal running conditions as temperatures of six degrees are far more palatable than those experienced during the city’s scorching summers. Wind your way through the streets of what is undoubtedly one of Asia’s most eccentric cities, passing through landmark neighbourhoods such as Shinjuku and Asakusa, straight past Tokyo Sky Tree and along the river. The luxury hotels in Tokyo are some of the finest in the world, so you’ll not be short of options post-race when it comes

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