It is no secret that this year is going seriously fast! Christmas will be here before we know it and with that said I decided that I had better start some form of Christmas shopping quite soon, so I ushered Shaniah over to the table and armed with a good old Argos catalogue we sat down and had a look through trying to find things that she would love to see under the tree come Christmas morning. It was then, whilst looking through that I realised just how many of the golden toys of my childhood were no longer around, and it saddened me that Shaniah would never get to experience the fun that I did with certain toys growing up. So I’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane and produce a kind of throwback list of all the things that made my childhood the best!

Kicking off the list is the good old Tamagotchi! tamagotchi Picture from Wikipedia.

Tamagotchi’s were undoubtedly the go to toy growing up, I can remember the day I had finally pestered my parents enough into buying me one and my obsession grew so much that I ended up at one point with a lanyard full of over 5 Tamagotchi’s. Now anyone who had the ‘pleasure’ of owning a Tamagotchi knows just how hard it was to keep these little fella’s alive, especially if you had school. You see, these creatures didn’t care whether you had class, if you neglected them for even just 1 hour they were dying of thirst and starvation and were practically screaming out for attention sometimes if you left them for longer they would actually die and with all the effort that has to go into keeping these critters alive it was inevitable that us students would end up bringing them into class, after all we are their carers right? It soon led to them eventually being banned from school!

The next toy that I was shocked was no longer being produced was

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