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I am the ultimate nap queen! I can pretty much nap anywhere, anytime (if I can get away with it of course!)

Most weekends I almost always have an afternoon nap, because why not? It’s the best bloody thing in the world.

I’m not alone right? Who else is a major nap queen out there? Also do you ever feel like you need a nap during the day but then feel worse than you did beforehand? This has happened to me a LOT. Sometimes on a weekend I can spend all morning running around, and then feel in need of a short nap just so I can rest for a little while before the afternoon; but then when I wake up I feel even more tired and grumpy for the rest of the day.

I want to make sure I get the most out of my naps and don’t end up being angry at life for having been woken up. So I did a little research:

  • So apparently studies have shown that a 10-20 minute nap is ideal for a boost in energy and alertness; and that this length makes it easier for you hit the ground running after waking up, because you are limited to the lighter stages of sleep, meaning you won’t drift into a deep sleep, finding it harder to get up and be active afterwards.
  • When you have a 30 minute nap, it can cause a groggy, hangover like feeling that can last for 30 minutes after waking up, before you can see the benefit of the nap.
  • A 60 minute nap, is very beneficial as it improves the memory of facts and names. Even though you will be in a deep sleep, you will feel the effects 30 minutes after waking up, with grogginess in between.
  • If you need a longer nap, 90 minutes is a full cycle of sleep which is the most beneficial. This means that the deeper and lighter stages including rapid eye movement, are typically likened to the dreaming stage. This means procedural and emotional memory and creativity is improved. Due to the length of the nap, it tends to be easier to wake up afterwards, and would not normally lead to a groggy feeling after waking.

So I would suggest when next taking a nap, have a look at these time lengths. Sometimes a simple nap won’t always benefit you.

Sometimes I like to finish my nap, with another nap.

Happy napping!!

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