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To Blog, Or Not To Blog?

Is it really a question? Let’s look closer.

Well, since social media became a powerhouse of information, blogging became somewhat of a self-expression and gave an opportunity to share opinions and ideas.

Bloggers these days can make or break the brand and influence new trends with a help of Twitter, Youtube and other social media tools.

The truth is, you don’t have to be one of the power bloggers to leave a sizeable footprint of your presence online.
I have started writing blogs a while ago leaning towards one of my personal passions, – world of finance, big corporations as well as small companies.

Personally for me it was very interesting to see if I can create something that can actually pass eagle eyes of an editor and get a green light of approval. I happened to submit several articles via The Motley Fool blogging platform. I did not expect to be accepted straight away and it was more of an experiment I was willing to participate in.

However experiment turned into something more adventures and I have become one of the contributors to the network. After writing several blogs and being published and syndicated on Google and Yahoo finance, as well as Bloomberg, I was very much delighted.

Feeling of satisfaction is hard to explain after seeing your creation accepted and published online. And then inspiration can carry you further towards creating much more.

Yet, of course, it is not that simple.

I suppose, pitfalls and challenges do exist like with everything else in this world. First thing first, you have to think of an idea.
What interests you? What are your passions?

Probably, it does make sense writing down several areas of interest on paper and then put numbers next to them from 1 to 5. Make 1 something you are absolutely crazy about and 5 something less so. Naturally 1 should be your main area to concentrate on, but don’t ignore 2nd and 3rd. They might come handy one day if you suddenly out of ideas within number 1 area.

When you figure out which area excites you try to select a product, company or anything else you would want to write about. Ideally, it has to be a story behind it which might be connected to your personal experience or someone like your friend or a family member. Giving it a feel of reality usually excites readers more as they can relate to the blog as if it was their own story.

Do not bombard your readers with a million words or complex expression they will have to Google in order to understand. Remember, – simplicity is often a key.
And keeping it short, – 500 to 750 words usually is good enough not to make someone bored to death.

Create introduction part first where you can introduce the topic you are writing about. Then put the main part, or the body, to follow the intro. And to complete it all don’t forget to create a conclusion where you can briefly summarize your thoughts.
You can create and write on any platform starting from a simple text editor and then posting it on blogging sites you have to have an account with.

And of course, as you develop a taste for blogging you can explore more advanced blogging platforms like WordPress. Wordpress is one of the most advanced platforms for bloggers and one of the most popular.

Remember, whatever you decide to write about, it is important to have an idea first, with a lot of passion to follow and of course to have a lot of fun in a process!

So, – to blog or not to blog?
Definitely, yes!

Blog. Create. Enjoy.

Guest blog post by:

Serge Kozjakov is a Motley Fool and other blog networks contributor writing mostly on financials and fashion. Check out his latest post or follow him on Twitter @SergeKozjakov


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