Tobacco E-Liquid from Red Vape

Quitting the cigarettes is not an easy task, trust me I know, smokers all have different reasons for smoking, some are simply tobacco enthusiasts. Tobacco E-Liquid from Red Vape caters for all palletts from the sweet tooth through to the tobaccoo lovers. Red Vape kindly sent me 3 of their liquids to sample, I selected 3 very different flavours from their reserva & premium range Free from artificial ingredients Red Vape boasts of purity and quality in their e-liquids, the premium range is for those sweet tooths and the reserva range is tobacco inspired made with natutally extracted tobacco. The first choice was Appleleaf from the Reserva range “derived from the corojo tobacco variety, with crisp green apples”, ideal for the older generation who can fully appreciate the smooth blend of the tobacco with a crisp apple after taste, being a sweet tooth this was a perfect choice for me though the smell is a little over powering! When I first filled my tank whilst in the office my colleagues complained!.

Second choice was Trinity creme, a dessert inspired liquid by Creme Brulee, a blend of vanilla and caramel with a touch of nutmeg. Personally I wasn’t keen on Trinity Creme, the vanilla and caramel called to my sweet tooth but as a e-liquid i’m not keen.

The final choice is now a favourite of mine, my colleague Matt was impressed also with Angel Berry, also from the premium range. A blend of raspberry, dewberry, apple & a hint of mint, anything fruity and minty is always a winner for me, Angel Berry is not over powering and has a gorgeous smell.

The liquids are reasonably priced with the reserva range priced at £6.95 and the premium at £5.95, the packaging reflects the quality of the liquids with black and metallic prints and they have easy to use safety caps! I really struggle with safety caps, I have at least 2 – 3 e-liquids sitting in a draw where i just could not for the life

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