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Mild Toddler Friendly Chicken Korma.

Finding meals that my toddler eats is like trying to get blood from a stone. Promise me I am not alone on this one –  I can’t be!
I will slave in front of an oven for about an hour every night and my darling daughter will repay me by offering it to the cat. Hand my daughter a McDonald’s or a takeaway however, and she will demolish the lot – How’s that for an ego tickle?

There is one meal however that she will not only demolish she will also ask for seconds and lick the bowl – Winning! I think it is more down to how I present this meal to her… She seems to take this whole princess phase way to seriously, although I do receive compliments about the heart board every time she is presented with it.

 I know how much it means to a parent to see an empty plate, deep down we long to see that more than Ryan Reynolds or Tom Hardy naked, so I am sharing this recipe with you in hopes that you’ll also get to feel this level of accomplishment! I say it’s for toddlers, we adults love it too! My other half is forever requesting it along with my little one.

If you do want it spicy, simply change the korma paste to whatever heat you desire.

*Next week: Chocolate thick shake – to make you go mmm!*


Print Recipe Toddler Friendly Korma This is a toddler approved Korma, that’ll leave even the fussiest of eaters wanting more! Prep Time 2 minutes Cook Time 15 minutes Ingredients Instructions Pour the oil into a large pan and leave to warm up over a medium heat. Add the onions and leave them to go slightly translucent and squidgy. Turn up

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