Okay Disney fans, choosing 10 characters isn’t as easy as people who let’s say, aren’t so giddy about Disney might think, is it?

I would like to share my favourite ones with you. You’ll probably laugh because the majority of these I have a teddy version of them in my room. You can never have too many right?



I have even two Stitch teddies – the original and an experiment 626 version (six-two-six). What cute, crazy, blue resembled koala. We learn the importance of ‘Ohana’ – family, nobody gets left behind or forgotten. And I can’t forget to mention the scene he does where he’s reading The Ugly Duckling book in the film and says “Lost!”

I even have Angel as a teddy too and a key ring on my keys.


Why don’t you sell me and buy a rabbit instead?!

I love the scene when Lilo and her sister are fighting and they both go to their rooms and screams into their pillows and then Lilo just falls backwards. I especially love that Lilo wants Stitch to feel welcome in their home even though he isn’t actually a dog, and he wants to give him second chances after he ruins things. The bond between the two of them is great – and the little bed she made Stitch is just adorable.

Winnie the Pooh

The main character and there’s a reason for it – he’s the best – a bear who

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