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A thrill seeker is described as someone who is always keen to take part in exciting and risk activities. The internet is full of stories of thrill seekers extreme activities accompanied by video evidence. We all comment and admire the thrill seeker’s bravery and wish we had the same courage.

 Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a ‘thrill seeker’, I do enjoy exciting physical activities during my travels. Another thing I always remember the importance of having adequate travel cover. There is nothing worse than getting ill or injured during your travels and not being covered. Personally, I use my bank for travel insurance it comes as part of my current account. But my family uses a global insurance provider, Click here to find out more. Make sure you know what type of cover you should have when travelling.

Top 5 Places for a Thrill Seeker

One thing I love about travelling is that it turns one into a storyteller and expands your boundary. There are so many activities that I have done whilst travelling that I wouldn’t normally do. Because of that, I wanted to share some of the activities I would like to do in various places.

If you’re a thrill seeker and have more ideas for a novice seeker can do, holla. You wouldn’t believe it but I am flipping scared of heights even though I am always jetting off. So please be kind and send some not so daring activities I should try.

Snowmobiling in Iceland

Next year I am planning to visit Iceland with a friend and would love to go snowmobiling. It is something I read about Iceland and would just love to try it one day.

Visiting Iceland has always been a dream of mine and my itinerary grows daily. I am excited to be adding snowmobiling to the list of experiences I would like to have whilst there.

The Sky Walk at the Shanghai World Financial Center in China

Though I am scared of highest, I really want to do this sky wall one day. I always have layovers in Shanghai but they are never long enough for me to leave the airport. One of these days I want to book a flight with a longer layover so I can do the sky wall.

thrill seeker

Sand-skiing in Qatar Dunes

Having been to Qatar before, I know I would enjoy sand skiing in the dunes. I think this would probably be one of my most exciting activities filled with fun than fear. The sand dunes are just over an hour away from the capital city Doha. If you’re planning to visit Qatar make sure you read THIS. Qatar even with its current troubles is still such an amazing place to visit.

The Top of Tyrol in Innsbruck

I have always wanted to visit Innsbruck in Austria having read so much about it. Someone today me if I wanted an adventure I should climb to the top of Tyrol and would find it. The last time I was in Austria, I visited Vienna and did the touristy places. I loved my time there so much that I would love to return one day. If it were possible I would love to live anywhere in Austria. 

thrill seeker

The Grand Canyon Skywalk in Mohave County, Arizona

I think you don’t have to be a thrill seeker to want to do the skywalk in Mohave. Having seen so many videos online about this, I truly want to give it a go one day. I mean how exciting and exhilarating would that be doing a skywalk over the Grand Canyon?

Ok, I can feel your heart rate jumping from over here, 10-foot wide glass bridge? The best part is you can see the floor of the Canyon from way up on the viewing deck. Just the thought of it makes me both weary and excited at the same time.

I am sure many thrill seekers have loads of ideas of where else I should be considering. For now, these are the places I am more eager to visit and experience. 

A thrill seeker is described as someone who is always keen to take part in exciting and risk activities. The internet is full of stories of thriller seekers extreme activities accompanied by video evidence.

Read the original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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