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Picture the scene. Hopefully a not so early Christmas morning, presents scattered under the Christmas tree, filled stockings in the hands of little ones eager to open them to find out whats inside whilst the adults sit on a lovely comfy sofa! Sounds great right?

Christmas is one of the busiest times for people buying new sofas, with many people opting to purchase a sofa in time for Christmas day.

When we purchased our sofa one thing that majorly annoyed me was busy shops. It wasn’t even during the festive season but it was still busy and still a massive pain. With people crowding around the sofas it made it impossible to actually enjoy my time there and as soon as I found a few that I liked it was becoming unbearable. Shaniah was demanding that a fort was made out of the scatter cushions on display.  Toddlers and shopping in person do not mix, in fact they are two things that should rarely meet each other!

Had I have known then what I know now I would probably be sat here typing this on a sofa that I actually loved rather than tolerated. You see there is an online website called Fishpools where you can browse hundreds of sofas in the comfort of your own home no need to worry about toddlers running riot and wanting to build forts with the scatter cushions on display, no need to worry about loads of people hogging the sofa that you want to take a look at just peaceful calm sofa browsing!

Even though our sofa is quite new it didn’t stop me taking a little browse and oh my word! If only I knew about this company earlier. I have found the sofa of my dreams, check this guy out


This is the Hollywood chair in the fabric corner sofa section. When I saw it the first

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