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Brand or business name:

Bristol CBD Oil

Please tell us about the product or company you would like the blogger’s help with?


At Bristol CBD, our mission is to provide high-quality CBD products at affordable prices and continue educating the masses about CBD oil and its incredible health-giving benefits.

CBD (cannabidoil) works on the endocannabinoid system in the body, which is responsible for bringing about balance (homeostasis) internally. Research suggests that taking CBD oil helps your body to create more of the cannabinoids that support this system, maintaining balance and wellbeing in the body.

We feel passionate about sharing this wonderful plant extract with as many people as possible.

Our brand & product strengths:

– We only offer full spectrum CBD oil (we believe it’s the best)
– We have 5* customer reviews on Trustpilot
– We offer free postage
– We tell you the CBD content in milligrams and percentage per bottle
– We publish lab reports on our website

Our immediate marketing objectives are to raise awareness for our brand, and raise the profile of our oils and their huge healing benefits.

We are keen to work with partners who can help amplify our vision.

Given your awesome social media & blogging presence, I wished to reach out as I feel you would be best placed to support us. I feel there are some great opportunities at hand to help both of our brands grow & I would love to discuss the potential of partnering together.

We are a small, independent business with strong values. At present, however, we are not able to invest a financial budget into any influencer marketing. We can, however, offer a generous affiliate scheme & there is more information available in a detailed brief which we are more than happy to send out.

If you are interested, it would be great to discuss in further detail, and I am free to speak on the contact details below.


[email protected]

What is the blogging assignment?

Thanks for taking the time to look into our brand!

Our immediate marketing objectives are to raise awareness for our brand, and raise the profile of our oils and their huge healing benefits. We are super keen to work with partners who can help amplify our vision, and in particular, those who share the same belief in the power of CBD Oil.

We are a small, independent business with strong values. We have two areas which could benefit you from working with us, the first is an affiliate scheme based on the following:

Affiliate Partnership Model

20% discount to your fans on total checkout & free delivery
We can set up a bespoke coupon code tailored to you
Each code redeemed is worth £2.50 and can be paid every 30 days
Each coupon code is tracked on our website and can be reported every 30 days
We can send over a free 300mg CBD Oil Bottle for you to test
We can include a leaflet which contains more information about our oils.

This information can be used in your marketing assignments, blogs and any social media content you choose to share.

We are content and product rich business, and we want to be as transparent as possible with anyone we work with. Our expectations would be as follows (and we are 100% open to feedback – we appreciate this is a new area for us to explore so guidance is warmly appreciated)

Marketing Expectations

Page posts promoting our oils and their healing products on your social feeds (wherever appropriate)
This post should essentially contain information about the bottle, it’s healing benefits (of which there are many)
Inclusion of your bespoke discount code
Link in your post (or bio) or where possible to our website shop page:
If you are interested in uploading a story or any video content then please be our guest ;-)
Clear copy which highlights the 20% discount on offer & free delivery

Expectations of a post within 7-14 days of receiving the product (this gives you a great change to test it out!)
Mindful copy that indicates there are different strengths of bottles on offer, which ultimately are used to help in many different ways. Please use of #BristolCBDOil hashtag where possible.

The Blogging Assignment

We are looking to generate traffic to our website to encourage awareness of the fantastic healing qualities of CBD Oil, furthermore, through your powerful blogging networks, we are looking for a source of rich Blogging Content which helps articulate the benefits of using CBD Oil and to talk about its effects. There is a lot of literature available online around CBD Oil that you can lean on and review as well. A few links are below so you can see how the market has grown so quickly and how people are benefiting from CBD Oil.

Our Trustpilot Reviews:
Our Bristol CBD Guide:
Cosmopolitan on CBD :
Independent on CBD:
The Guardian on CBD:

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us ASAP as we would love to get the ball rolling.

As ever, if you have any questions then please do reach out, we would be so happy to help answer your questions in any way possible :-)


[email protected]

What type of blogs are you looking for?

We are looking for independent blogs / reviews on TrustPiilot after a product has been sent & tested (and of course if you have a positive experience with it) and for opportunities to run giveaways if the opportunity is there. Ultimately this food supplement / product will really only appeal to audiences who support a holistic, health related, vegan, conscious, experiential, etc theme, we are aware that this is not for everyone. But for anyone who is interested. We would love to hear from you and discuss further!

Preferred geographic location of the blogger:

United Kingdom

How might you compensate the blogger?

Affiliate payment

Getting to keep the product

How else might you compensate the blogger?

Brand Partnerships
Affiliate Payment Scheme

When would the blogger need to complete and publish the blogging assignment by?

1-2 weeks after receiving the product/item to review or email agreement to proceed.

Assignment close date:


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This assignment has now FINISHED and is CLOSED.

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