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We’re from HECK Sausages and we support Movember, this month we would love to work with you on our CHECK Sausages ‘Meat and Two Veg’ meal recipe project!

In the name of men’s health this Movember HECK will rename itself as CHECK for the duration of November, in order to encourage men to search for lumps on their scrotum and for women to CHECK their partners too!

What is the blogging assignment?

The challenge is with you to get creative with our meat and your two favourite veg! This could be a one-pot wonder, sausage, potato and onion roast for all the family or a healthy sausage, carrot mash and spinach combo all in the name of men’s health!

Did you know more than three quarters (76%) of women admitted they wouldn’t know what a cancerous lump would feel like on their partner’s testicles. Whereas almost half of men (46.6%) said they would know what a lump on their partner’s breast would feel like!

AND HECK’s research also revealed 82% of blokes are unwilling to talk to their doctor about any issues with their genitals.

We would love to work with you to create a blog post to go live within the next 10 days including some of our research stats and your ‘CHECK – Meat and Two Veg’ recipe.

We will provide you with HECK product and refund your full recipe for the project and would love to support you across the HECK social so don’t forget to tag us @Heckfooduk

If you would like to be involved please drop us an email at [email protected] & [email protected]

The full research below:

The CHECK products will be available in ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose throughout November, costing £2.99.


Men are too embarrassed to discuss their testicles with their GP, alarming new research has revealed.

A survey of 2,000 people has discovered the true extent of the taboo subject, with 82% of blokes unwilling to talk to their doctor about any issues with their genitals.
The worrying results were commissioned by HECK – a Yorkshire-based sausage brand which is working alongside the world-leading men’s health charity The Movember Foundation.

It will rename itself as CHECK for the duration of November, in order to encourage men to have a search for lumps on their scrotum.
The survey comes ahead of the annual tache-athon next Wednesday, with men across the UK sporting their best facial hair in support of men’s health.

Commenting on the poll findings, a spokesperson for The Movember Foundation said: ‘Unfortunately this latest polling from HECK is accurate.
‘Too many men are not checking themselves, not knowing what to look for and being too embarrassed to discuss the subject.
‘Tackling these taboos head on, getting more men educated on the health risks they face, taking action when needed and talking when things get tough, is exactly why The Movember Foundation exists.’

The survey also showed that almost one in 10 (9.8%) of men between the ages of 18 and 24 would do nothing if they felt a lump on their testicle.
Testicular cancer is often described as a small pea-like lump on one testicle, but many men are unaware of this. Two thirds of men had no idea this was a sign of the deadly cancer.
One in five blokes (18.4%) of men incorrectly assumed that a cancerous lump feels ‘like a flat coin’.

The research also found that three-quarters of women (76%) would have no idea what a cancerous lump would feel like on their partner’s testicles.
In contrast, slightly less than half of men (46.6%) said they’d know when to be concerned about a lump on their partner’s breast.

The research was carried out by the brands founder, Jamie Keeble, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer two years ago. He said, “If men don’t know what testicular cancer might feel like, how can they possibly check themselves? Testicular cancer is on the rise and men can reduce their chances of dying simply by knowing what to feel for.”

Other results from the research include:
• The three UK cities where men are most likely to know what a cancerous lump feels like are: Warrington at 71%, Portsmouth at 61% and Sunderland at 57%

• More than one-quarter of men (26.7%) in Scotland say they’d wait a few days before doing anything if they discovered a lump on their testicle, compared to just 12% of men in the South-West

• Almost one in 10 (9.8%) of 18-24-year-old men say they’d do nothing if they felt a lump on a testicle; by contrast just 3% of women would do nothing if they felt a lump on a breast

Jamie Keeble says, “I found a small lump, immediately went to my GP and received my diagnosis. Even though a lot of stigma surrounds going to the doctor for such an intimate area, it is key to be proactive if you find a lump.

“Our research shows that too many men would ignore it if they found something and that many are unsure how to correctly check themselves.”

“Too many men are dying young from ignorance and lack of quick action. This disease needs to be openly discussed so that more guys will check themselves and feel they can talk to someone if something doesn’t feel right.

“60% don’t even know what a cancerous lump would feel like. In this day and age this has to stop! People need to be educated so that we can start making a difference.”

The CHECK products will be available in ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose throughout November, costing £2.99.

Lizzy Howell on 020 7257 6492 / [email protected]
Helen Barnes on 0207 520 9362 / [email protected]

Cancer Research UK says incidence rates for testicular cancer are projected to rise by 12% in the UK between 2014 and 2035.

About HECK
HECK is a family run business making hand-mixed, farmers’ market quality sausages for the British high street. With a ‘what the heck’ attitude, founders Andrew and Debbie Keeble have achieved the remarkable feat of starting a business in Britain’s notoriously congested food market and have gone from zero to £17m turnover in just five years. HECK is now officially the UK’s Number One premium sausage range.

Proudly independent, Andrew and Debbie run the business with their children; last year the conscientious farmers-turned-food-producers added burgers, meatballs, gluten-free and vegetarian sausages to their award-winning range.

With over 30 years of food and farming experience, they are mindful of the land and deliver ethical meat and ingredient choices. Never ones to cut corners or compromise quality in a bid to save a buck, they’ve managed to create an affordable range of farmers’ market quality sausages for the supermarkets that benefits everyone in their supply chain

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