I have just returned from a month in the USA with my family, it is a trip we make once a year to visit my Mum who lives in Florida.  Whenever I come home I am always massively depressed as I love being in America and would have loved to have lived there in another life.  Returning to the UK is always a massive shock to the system and takes a bit of getting used to, especially when it comes to the weather!

I often take time to consider the pros and cons of being in the in the UK v USA as a parent with a disabled child.  We all have this preconceived idea that the USA is way ahead of us when it comes to looking after disabled people.  We seem to think that the USA us at the forefront of new technology and must be making changes to make people’s lives easier etc but I’ve found that isn’t actually the case!  

Living in the UK with a disabled family member does have its benefits, and I’m not just talking about financial ones!  So, taking into account 9 very important factors, who wins in the battle between the UK and USA when it comes to providing for disabled people? 

How many times have you walked into a shop in the UK without opening a door?  You’ve probably never even thought about it but I can only name one or two stores near me where I have to physically open the door as the vast majority have electric doors which automatically open as soon as someone walks by a sensor.
This is a god send for wheelchair users and anyone pushing a wheelchair (or a buggy).  But in Florida, where most stores have air conditioning because of the weather, it is rare to find an automatic opening door. 
Some stores do have a button you can push but most stores I visited didn’t even have one of those and because everyone is used to opening the door for themselves it doesn’t seem to occur to them to

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