Life with anxiety

Anxiety hits many of us. As we are all individuals, we deal with things in our own way. But what does the term ‘anxiety’ actually mean? People can often confuse the term with ‘stress’.

Here’s how Spink describe the difference between the two:

The term stress usually describes feelings experienced when the demands made on an individual are greater than their ability to manage, and we often know precisely what it is we are feeling stressed about, e.g. starting a new job, sitting an exam or attending an interview.

But, anxiety is an unease about something with an uncertain outcome – and that unease can exist even when the cause of the worry is gone. Symptoms of anxiety include feelings of worry, apprehension and uncertainty.

Spink - how to spot anxiety

Taking the above definitions and examples into consideration, I can completely relate.

Stressed. A word that many people believe you need to be a particular age in order to experience the feeling. And a feeling that certainly isn’t healthy for anyone when you really are experiencing it. Experiences of stress in my world have included: the feeling you have in the lead-up to and during your exams, controlling a heavy workload, unemployment, taking on a lot with family issues, and the loss of a loved one.

Sometimes stress can turn into anxiety just like it did with Ellie, her nana’s passing turned grief into anxiety.

Her mum says:

Ellie would cry all of the time and wouldn’t go out then her parameters changed for her exams and it looked like she wasn’t doing as well as she thought. Her anxiety spiralled and I was very worried about her. I considered taking her to a counsellor

Read the full original post here authored by Natasha Bolger. You can visit her blog here.

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