I’m starting to consider creating a section dedicated to vaping as today I’m talking about another vape! Today I will be telling you about the Halo Tank kit 02 from ecigarettedirect.Click image to view website.The Halo Tank Kit 02 has been developed to be the perfect device for any vaping level, so whether your a newbie or experienced vape this device can cater for all. It’s compatible with 3 different coils;
1.0Ω MTL, (mouth to lung) this coil replicates the same drag effect as a cigarette, using less liquid and maximises the battery life.1.0Ω DL Coil (direct lung inhale) a looser drag with more vapour, uses more liquid with a medium battery life.0.5Ω DL as above but with more liquid & vapour and a shorter battery life.
I chose the 1Ω MTL coil without really understanding the difference between the coils so if you are a newbie make sure you read up to understand what each coil does, I honestly thought the tank was broken! As I’m used to using a 0.5Ω DL coil in my normal set up.

The ordering process is simple and easy to use BUT you must use your real details and be on the electoral (be registered to vote) as ecigarettedirect run your details through Experian to verify your age as here in the U.K. you must be over 18 to purchase nicotine products. Unfortunately I hit a hiccup with this using my blogging name to order causing multiple emails to customer service to sort. My next hiccup was the delivery, ecigarette use DPD to deliver, due to previous experience with DPD I tend to avoid them. My order was delivered to the wrong address causing it to be refused, so once again I had to exchange emails to customer service to rectify the issue. During the whole experience ecigarettedirect have a great customer service team any issue was quickly resolved.

I chose a purple tank and I love it, very simple to set up, liquid tank doesn’t hold a lot though. With any vape it’s important to read the instructions sent to you, if your vape doesn’t come

Read the full original post here authored by Abigail Kathleen. You can visit her blog here.

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