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I’ve lived with eczema since I was about ten. It was behind my ears and on the nape of my neck. Since hitting PeriMenopause, it has started creep onto my on my face (of all places). It’s embarrassing. I look like I’ve burnt myself. Sometimes it seems similar to psoriasis, scaly and sore as opposed to dry and tight and I’ve tried so many things to stop it.

relieve eczema

Let’s take a look at some of my fails and successes over time.

Food avoidance


The thing I didn’t want to do when trying to deal with my flare ups was to avoid certain food groups because it’s not economical. I know I should think about my health first, but when you’re on a tight budget, the last thing you want is to cope with someone avoiding a whole host of food that makes up your shopping list. So I didn’t want to go down that route.

The truth be told, I don’t eat dairy products anyway. I had already swapped cows milk to nut milk, but because of the link between milk and cancer, with what happened to Andy, we have cut it out completely. Sadly, I have more flare-ups but removing it from my diet has made me feel physically better. It has also helped with my hormone imbalance as I’m not adding any extra progesterone into my body. I’m allergic to progesterone so removing dairy has eliminated my severe mood swings.

CBD Balm

I’m a big CBD fan. As you will have read in Is CBD Legal? What Do I Look For? It helped Andy with the side effects of radiotherapy. Initially, I bought CBD balm off a friend who was making it for herself. It smelt horrendous, but if I removed the scale and placed a very thin layer of it over the sore, it took away the itch. CBD balm also helps with burns. I once tipped a cup of tea over my tummy and gently smoothing some over it completely stopped the burning and practically cleared it within a few days, so it’s powerful stuff. I then ran out, and she stopped making it, so I had to look elsewhere.

LoveCBD makes a nice balm too which worked for a short period, but I became sensitive to the ingredients. So I moved onto Fiddlers Elbow Grease. Their varieties contain St Johns Wort Oil which is supposed to help with inflammation.  I use “Sport,” and it works to some extent. If I remove the scale and smear it over it conceals the dry patches (much like a BB or CC cream), but it doesn’t work to reduce the redness which is unsightly.



I do like to use corticosteroid creams for my eczema, just not on my face. I have intertrigo in between my podgy bits, so creams like Clotrimazole Cream are brilliant to stop chaffing which makes it worse. I’m not going to put it on my face because it doesn’t work if you rub it in and I’m not doing a Mrs Doubtfire. I’ve had one prescription of Fucibet Cream (antibacterial/steroid), but that just thins the skin over time which leaves you with more problems.

Lip Balms

You’re reading this thinking I’m mad, but I got so fed up trying things that were purposely invented to help relieve eczema I went a bit kooky. I know the benefits of Manuka Honey so looked to see if I could use it with ground oatmeal as part of a face pack. There are some out there, but they’re so damn expensive. I didn’t want to spend that much knowing it might not do anything.

So I tried my next best thing, a product that I had with me all the time and had previously used it as a back up for BB cream. Burts Bees Original Lip Balm (the one with the yellow top with Vitamin E and Peppermint Oil). We’re talking 21, maybe 22 years ago now, when the net was still in its infancy. But it worked on the inflammation. It didn’t stop me scratching though. I was so conscious of it feeling sticky that I kept touching it and rubbing it away. I still use this when I’ve nothing else to hand. I’ve tried vegan lip balms since but none have ever worked on the inflammation in the same way.

Emollient Creams


These are creams that contain fat and water. For the most part, these creams are fantastic if the eczema is somewhere else other than your face. You can hide most things underneath dressings and clothes. But when you’ve got great big red blotches of dandruff looking skin (sounds so attractive, sorry) and want to look after it, calm it down and possibly wear a bit of makeup on top, then emollient creams will not work. Even after rubbing it in, you still look like you’re basting a turkey. 

E45 Cream

I did a review for E45 cream back in 2013, but I didn’t have to treat my eczema very often. Back then if I suffered a flare-up, I could wash in their wash cream and slather on the itch relief afterwards, and it would subside. It doesn’t help me now. I think the body gets used to the ingredients and ramps up its attack. Sudocrem was also a possible treatment, but I found it too irritating as it’s too thick.

Salcura Bioskin

[embedded content]

Having used their sister company Anicuras Healing Gel on our (now late) dog Rambo, I’m well aware of how effective their products are. Our Bo’s operation scar wasn’t healing very well (his immune system was weak), so we turned to a natural solution. It took just over a week to recover, and within the month his fur had started to grow again. So it made sense to say yes when I was asked to review their BioSkin and Rosalique Cream. BioWash comes in three different ranges. Therapy System, Wash Range and Haircare Range. I have the face wash and serum from the Therapy System. 

Tip: Before you apply the face wash, splash your face with warm water. Then squeeze a small amount out onto your palm and lather it in your hands. This makes the application easier. If you don’t do this step, you will end up rewashing to remove excess gel. 

Whenever I hear the word serum, I think of a thick, sticky clear liquid synonymous with making hair fuller. Dermaserum is quite different. It’s a light cream which absorbs quickly. You only need a tiny blob on your fingertip. Any more and you’ll waste it. Take that little bead of serum, put it on the affected area and gently rub until it’s no longer slippy. You’ll run your hand over it within 10 minutes, and it will feel soft. You will also notice that it won’t feel itchy either. 


Once that settles, you can apply the Rosalique 3-in-1 formula which:

  • Conceals Instantly
  • Treats Gently
  • Protects Long Term

I wanted to love this product. It didn’t work for me.  It says on the box to massage until you achieve an even skin tone but it dried too quickly, and although it covered the redness, I looked too cakey. Perhaps I misapplied it. It is on the shortlist for “Best New Facial Skin Care Treatment Product” at The Beauty Awards 2018 with OK so I guess I’m missing what’s so amazing about it? 

Right now I’m thrilled with the Bioskin Face Wash and Dermaserum, if they added a colour corrector to the serum, then I think they’ll be on to a winner. Is that what they intended with the Rosalique? I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted on developments.

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