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By Anita Kelsey

I wanted to share a few feel good posts with you (by god we all need cheering up!) and thought I would start with something amazing that happened a months ago. The amazing event sadly happened after a tragic one but a legacy of hope had been left and many more animals, cats and dogs, benefited from the end result.

I am a huge supporter of Mayhew – an animal rescue centre and animal education based charity. On occasions I start a major campaign to help raise much needed funds for them, especially when I am affected by a case of cruelty. The ones many people dread hearing about.

When the case of Prince came along It was like I had been punched in the guts. It hurt big time. I documented the case of Prince, A beautiful German Shepherd dog, in a video that was then added to You Tube. The video can be seen below:

A Just Giving page was set up whereby people rushed to give support and a figure of £1000 was reached within 24 hours.

I wanted Prince to leave a legacy. Such a gentle beautiful giant. His life would not end tragically without something positive happening in his name, not if I had anything to do with it.

After a while the donations to the Just Giving page became less and less and soon came to a natural halt. Mayhew relies on donations only so I was happy that other animals could be helped and hopefully saved to go on and lead lovely happy lives. But Prince deserved more. He deserved a true legacy short of erecting a statue in his name in the lovely gardens of Mayhew (Still wish this to be!!!)

So, not expecting much, I emailed the CEO of two major pet companies – Zooplus and Purina.

Sending them the footage of Prince and the link to the Just Giving page I asked them if they would care to donate. Both CEO’s replied straight away, which was a surprise in itself. Both stated they do not

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