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There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a mother, and most of the time it’s an amazing journey. However, there are those moments when the chaos is just a bit much to bear and there is nowhere to go to get away from the noise and confusion for just a moment’s respite. What every mum needs is a stress-free zone to retreat to in those moments when everything is simply too much to bear. If you often find yourself wishing for just a few moments of peace and tranquillity where you can gather your thoughts, it’s time you thought about creating that stress-free zone you deserve.

Age Limitations

Before planning our stress-free retreat, a few words about age limitations are in order. You obviously can’t leave toddlers to their own devices whilst you step away to gather your thoughts but you can find areas where they can play nearby while you sit for a few moments with that much-needed cup of tea. For mums with older kids who are quite capable of minding themselves for a short time, you can create a kid-free space in which only mums and dads can go. We’ll get to that space in a moment, but for now you need to be realistic. If you plan wisely, you can have a space where you can relax near enough to see or hear the kids while you take a ‘time out.’

The Importance of Stepping Back

If you often find yourself snapping at the kids because they’ve gotten on your last nerve, it’s important to step back for a few minutes to collect yourself. Sometimes the kids aren’t doing anything but being noisy, rambunctious children normal for their age and level of development. Unfortunately, you’ve so many things to do and see to that the smallest disturbance can set you off. Rather than becoming overly irritated, it’s better just to step back for a short time to catch your breath and analyse what it is that set you off. Once you have a handle on your own emotions, it’s easier to deal with those behaviours that have set you over your limit. Also, stress can have a huge impact on your health and that’s something you just can’t afford as a mother.

Finding a Suitable Location

Unless you are willing to pop in the car to drive to a local park, perhaps the best place to look for a stress-free zone would be in your own home or perhaps in the garden? Do you have a garden building you could enclose and decorate as a mini-den? What about a garage or a loft you could convert? Perhaps you have a room which isn’t being utilised for anything that you’ve designated a ‘guest bedroom’ which could also double as a mum’s retreat room. The location of your stress-free zone will obviously be based on how far you can be removed from the children, but there must be that one place you can go for a few moments’ peace and quiet.

Setting up Your Stress-free Zone

The focus of your personal space will be to filter out everything but what you see and hear in the room. You may even want to do a bit of redecorating or renovating while you are at it, and if you are intent on a DIY loft conversion, for example, you can find literally everything you need to finish the loft at stores like Savoy Timber that specialise in materials for DIY projects just like this.

Décor Is Paramount

When setting up your personal space, you’ll want to surround yourself with furnishings and accessories that put you in a relaxed frame of mind. Ambient adjustable lighting is one of the most in-demand features of a stress-free zone as are such things as candles, fountains and gentle music or the sounds of nature. Whatever it takes to help you step away from the chaos is how you should decorate your area. It’s all about setting a mood and only you know what helps you unwind and relax before stepping back into the chaos again.

Guilt Is Not an Option

One of the emotions which so many mums experience when needing time to themselves is this overwhelming sense of guilt. This is not an option because it is better to ease your tension than to try to maintain your composure when you are overwhelmed. No one fares well when mum is in a foul mood and sometimes all it takes is a few moments to yourself to get yourself back on an even keel.

No matter how little extra space you have in the home, it is imperative that you find that one corner to which you can retreat as the need arises. Yes, that DIY project mentioned above is ideal for giving you your very own kid-free, stress-free zone, but if all else fails, designate a spot where you are to be left undisturbed unless there is a real emergency. Everyone will benefit from it, but most of all mum.

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