What is IF & Why is it important?When you combine Intermittent fast with the keto diet you have a recipe for success.
I.F. is the commonly used term for intermittent fasting. It mean restricting your calorie intake to a set window.   The most common is 16/8 IF which means 16 hours fasting and an 8 hour ‘eating’ window.   Intermittent fasting is a popular method of weight loss and is not restricted to a ketogenic diet. Some people will make no changes to their diet yet adopt a restricted eating window.

I am O.M.A.D. which is when you take intermittent fasting to the next level and consume just One Meal A Day.   Some refer to this as 23/1.   Although IF is not restricted to the ketogenic diet, it would be very hard to sustain and adopt as a lifestyle change on other diets.
Intermittent fasting has great health benefits – It can prevent heart disease, speed up fat burning and is anti-aging (autophagy).

When you reduce the times and frequency of eating you are reducing the time and frequency of insulin spikes in your body.   Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas to regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. It also manages fat storage; it stops the breakdown on fat cells and tells the body to store the fat as body fat.   Our modern diets and eating habits mean that insulin is being pumped into our bodies all day long as it fights to regulate blood sugar levels.

Eating causes insulin to rise, how much depends on the type and amount of food eaten and your insulin sensitivity.   Insulin increases and stays higher for several hours after eating.   Fasting lowers insulin drastically.

Fasting also promotes a process in your body called Autophagy.   Autophagy increases massively in the body when you are fasting and insulin levels are low.   For autophagy to fully kick in you need to fast for 18-24 hours.   If you are incorporating fasting into your lifestyle you should eat once a day to give your body the nutrients it needs.
[aw-tuh-fey-juh, -jee-uh]
Spell Syllables
• Word Origin
noun, Physiology.
controlled digestion of damaged organelles within a cell.
the maintenance of bodily nutrition by the metabolic breakdown of some bodily tissues.

In a nutshell autophagy is

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