One of the common problems pet owners face is determining what to do with their dog when they’re going to be away from home. The right answer depends on the type of dog and how long you’re going to be gone.

Let’s look at what you should do with your dog when you’re going to be away from home, depending on the dog’s age, health and your time away. We’ll also address ways to make the transitions as smooth as possible and minimise the risk of problems.


We’ll define puppies as any dogs younger than 18 months. Puppies that are paper training should be kept outside if the weather permits, let outside by a dog walker at least once during the day or boarded during the day at a kennel. It isn’t fair to leave a dog that doesn’t know how to wait all day to go poop outside and then punish it for pooping on the carpet.

A dog that doesn’t know what it can and cannot chew on and may be punished for chewing on shoes or ripping up furniture out of boredom would be better off boarded during the day than left at home alone. If you’re going to be away for more than the work day, then it is essential to have the pet boarded. An example of a great boarding facility can be seen at Dog Harmony who also offer pet training and can teach your dog how to behave while you’re travelling or at work. More traditional kennels aren’t always the best option as some can be distressing, so look for professional boarding services.

Keeping puppies engaged

If you’re gone for a work day, you can find ways to keep puppies engaged without making a mess of things, though you take that risk any time you leave a puppy alone for more than two hours. Puppies may find your shoes, the cat’s litter box and other things entertaining… unless you give them food dispensing toys they’ll spend all day trying to figure out. It doesn’t even have to be treats. Food dispensing

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