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January isn’t the best of the months for that feel-good factor. After the Christmas period and the new year, resolutions have faded away we can often feel a bit down. January this year has had a good go at getting at me, in particular.  Events in my life have made me realise that some of these, let’s call them irritants, aren’t worth me wasting my time and energy over. These irritants have encouraged me to reflect on what worries me most as a dad.


What Has This Month Thrown at me so far?


Please don’t take this as my opportunity for a whinge, as I realise there are people out there in far worse situations than myself. I just need to explain what has happened and why these happenings are insignificant in the big picture.


The lovely people at the tax offices have written to me to advise that I have underpaid. It’s an amount that after the Christmas period and with the arrival of a new-born baby is something that I could do without. They would like their money by the end of the month.


Our family moved to a new house sometime last year, and the council have also advised me that they have not taken enough payments as they have miscalculated and would like their money also.


My father has been very unwell. He had bowel cancer two years ago and the symptoms have been very similar.


I help run the family business and yesterday I was called to the work premises, it had been broken into.


Yesterday as I stood in the mess left for us by those people who had broken in, I did for a fleeting moment think “why me?”. They completely ransacked the place, went through every drawer, cupboard, nook and cranny to find anything valuable they could get their hands on. It’s not nice to think that somebody has been sniffing around. They’ve taken items but the items I was most gutted about were my road bikes.

I have a couple of cycling events planned this year to raise money for charity. Not that the people who have taken them are aware, but their actions could prevent some valuable funds being raised for people who need it most.

They have left the premises in a state, completely broken windows and caused disruption. I really hope that the people who broke in are desperate and need to resort to these actions as they have no other alternative. If that is the case, you are welcome to my bikes.

After the police had been and assessed the damage, I made my way to my parent’s house who

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