I missed posting my meal plan on Monday… how did that happen? 

Seriously, it’s now Tuesday evening and I’m only now posting my weekly meal plan.  Well, it’s not actually even a meal plan.  It’s more of a musing about eating. 

I made myself a Ham and Mushroom Omelette for lunch. 

It was amazing.  I’m going to start eating more omelettes now I have my electric omelette thingy.  They are fairly healthy if I put the right things in them.  (Which I will).

The next week or so mainly consists of meals that can be made up from whatever is in my fridge, freezer and cupboards.  I’m getting ready to place a bulk meat order so am clearing out the chest freezer.  It’s a mission, particularly because, at this stage, I usually have a number of odds and ends left.  Not enough for us all to eat the same.  The kids will probably eat different meals to us. 

I have a few pack of various mince (beef, turkey and pork) as well as a few sausages, maybe 4 steaks, some chicken breast, diced beef and diced chicken.  I may well be eating chicken for the foreseeable.  Oh, I also have a joint of beef and a leg of lamb.

I’ve made a rough meal plan which consists of

Gammon, egg and chips

Lamb or beef roast (haven’t decided yet).

Leftover from roast in a stew. 

Chicken salad

Homemade burgers (with any mince) & fries

Fishcake & Chips (me and hubby will have steak I think).

Beef curry?

Yes, I know it’s a mixed bag but it’s the best I can do before I place my order.

Have you created a meal plan?  If so, I would love to hear what you are planning to eat this week.

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