Here are a few tips to follow, once you have received responses to your blogging assignment.

  1. Read the response pitch information carefully and check out the blogger’s blog, social profiles and maybe even their style of writing.
  2. If you would like to work with the blogger, simply respond to the initial “blogger response email” with the blogger’s own email address, letting them know you would like to work with them on the blogging assignment they applied for. This is a commitment, please do not go back on your word!
  3. When responding to a blogger you might want to add any T&Cs you have. In addition, specify what you expect the blogger to do for you in order to fulfil the blogging assignment criteria, and outline the timescales you expect blog posts to be published by. (Make sure you have everything in writing)
  4. Ask the blogger if they have any T&Cs of there own, that you might need to consider.
  5. Don’t forget what you promised the blogger as compensation within in your assignment. If this changes please notify the blogger at the point of contact or as soon as you can.
  6. Potentially ask for copy approval before the blogger’s blog post is published.
  7. If you have agreed to payment as a form of compensation, please pay within the agreed timeframes. 
  8. If you would prefer not to work with a blogger who has responded to your assignment, it is only polite to let them know and say thanks for taking the time to apply.
  9. Check out our advice on ethical blogging for the UK and US.
  10. If you have received enough blogger responses, please let us know and we will close your assignment.

We hope this helps you manage your blogger responses effectively.


Bloggers Required takes no responsibility for the content of enquiries or their authenticity. We recommend you check the blogger’s identity and/or credentials and agree your own T and Cs before sending them information/products.

Some tips to help you research bloggers further for authentication purposes.

  • Please check the bloggers email address with the one on the bloggers own blog. If in doubt please use the contact form on the bloggers own blog.
  • Check who the bloggers blog domain is registered to, the registered address, registered email address and how long it has been registered for.  or
  • Check all bloggers related social profiles are active and up to date.
  • Check the bloggers blog is active and up to date.

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