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Why blogging is an essential part of your own personal brand

How Is Blogging Important When Creating a Personal Online Brand and Setting a Digital Footprint?

Blogging simply put is the act of publishing information on the World Wide Web with the hope of helping or sharing your story with other users. The difference between blogging and say writing a book is that blogging is mostly informal. It does not require nor follow the strict rules that formal books and other literary materials do. Simple interest and relative expertise in a certain field can allow anyone to blog.

So, How Does This Help You Create your Online Personal Brand?

Larger Audience

Through blogging, you are able to reach a larger audience that you might not reach via social media. This is because anyone who uses the internet will have a chance to find your blog if their search entries match those of your blog. This means more traffic for you. If you were to rely on social media alone, your audience would be greatly limited since not everyone uses social media. Even for those that do, the chances of landing on to your page or personal profile are limited.

Fewer Limitations

Blogging platforms such as WordPress have a more flexible limitation when it comes to the number of words one can use in a single post. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like will only take a maximum of approximately 2,200 characters. However, WordPress and other blogging platforms have no limitation. You can, therefore, give more comprehensive and detailed descriptions of your posts.

Become a Source

Depending on the type of your blog entries, you can end up being a major source of information on the field that you deal with. For example, WebMD has become the main source of health topics just as Forbes excels on financial aspects. When you keep your blogging consistent and reliable, you can create a never-ending set of digital footprints, which will, in turn, promote your online branding.

Keeps Track of Growth

Because of the storage facilities of blogging platforms, you are able to retrieve posts. These posts allow you and your audience to keep track of your growth over the years. Your clients/visitors will have more trust in your brand and realize your persistence in your blog’s content. On the other hand, you will be able to see where you have come from, therefore, updating old posts and reinforcing your strong points.

How to Use Blogging Together With Other Social Platforms?


If you are active on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you can use them as ways of marketing your blog. Social media platforms connect you mostly to friends, family and people with similar interests. By providing your blog details to them via social media, you will get their interest, which will lead to the possibility of more sharing opportunities.


Platforms such as YouTube can act as branches for your main blog where you upload visual versions of your entries. You can also use other already existing YouTube videos as demonstrations or reference points to the information you are providing.


Social platforms can also connect you to people in the same blogging field as yours allowing you to hold collaborative blogging sessions, which will definitely increase your audience and credibility among internet users.

Why Blogging Is Still Important in the Age of Instagram.

In as much as Instagram has dominated the social media scene, blogging remains a paramount activity for information givers and seekers. The following are some of the reasons why.

Tailor Made

Blogging connects you to the specific audience that is seeking the information you are providing. Instagram and other social media platforms will indeed give you a large audience, but a significant number of the people reached might lack interest in your blog. Blogging, however, attracts people with similar thoughts and tastes, therefore, allowing you to know whom to target.

Intimate Connection

Instagram is a sea of captured moments in form of photographs. In as much as they allow you to caption the photos and tell your story, they do not allow you to form an intimate connection with your followers. Blogging, however, provides space where you can give accounts in detailed, deep and intimate ways, which will have your draw your audience in.

Better Marketing

Blogs are better for brand marketing than social media platforms are. Most people engage with social media for entertainment and fun. They may, therefore, scroll through posts that advertise or market a brand, causing you to lose the audience. However, blogging allows you to market products and services to your audience, as they will read the whole post since they wanted to be there in the first place.

How is Blogging Important from an SEO Point of View?

Easy Traffic

The use of keywords strategically allows users to find your blog. This means that by using specific and relevant keywords, your blog gains more chances of appearing in more search engines.

Site Connectivity

When other sites start linking to you,  search engines realize that you are a popular and credible source, you get to move up the ladder of page suggestions.

Wider Net

Blogging allows you to use keywords in every single post. This means more traffic for you. It is similar to casting a wide net when fishing. However, you should note that keyword stuffing is a negative thing since it decreases the quality of your content resulting to low ranking in search engines.


In conclusion, blogging continues to be an important part of online personal branding. It allows you to make and maintain digital footprints that allow you to have a trusted online presence. Incorporating your blog to your social media handles will allow you to reach a larger audience, therefore, creating more traffic and credibility. You should however always remember that quality is always more important than quantity when it comes to blog content.

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