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On Sunday evenings we try to get together and play a board game as a family.  The kid’s choice this week – Catchphrase!  Its one of my favourites as I find that the ‘Say What You See’ instruction can lead to some of the funniest and unexpected outbursts from the girls.  This week my middle daughter (unknowingly) screamed the f-word, which left the house in roars of laughter.  The natural progression was then for her sisters to compete for the ‘funniest child’ title and as we discussed some of the stories that they have provided us with so far.I thought I’d share one of my favourite’s here – it involves the same middle daughter sticking part a children’s toy up her nose and the associated trip to A&E! It made me think, why do kids stick things up their nose?

The Stick Things Up Their Nose Stage

For some reason (unbeknownst to me) my children appear to move on from the teething stage, where they tend to put everything in their mouth, to the curious age, when they decide to put things up their nose!  I’ve never quite understood why, but on this particular occasion, my daughter decided that she would unstick a small jewel from her toy bag and see how far up her nose she could put it.  The problem was she put it so far up she couldn’t get it back out.

At the time of the incident, she would have been around 5 and we were alerted to what she had done by virtue of the fact that her nose started bleeding.  It was a strange thing to happen out of the blue and at first she denied that she had done anything, however, she was extremely quiet for 30 minutes to an hour after this and as bedtime approached I asked again.  I think she had come to realise that it wasn’t just going to pop out, so she confessed.

The Trip to the Hospital

The ensuing trip to A&E was worrying as neither my wife or me had any idea how it was going to be pulled out, but we both knew that whatever it was would not go down well with our daughter – at 5 she was worried and freighted by everything and the mere mention of a medical implement being put up her nose was enough to make her shriek with terror.  With this in mind, our conversation was in ‘Parental Code’ until we got to the hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the code was immediately broken.  The doctor took one look and graphically took us through the procedure which involved putting a long, thin, extendable tool up her nose and trying to retrieve the jewel that was stuck.  My daughter did not take it well.  When we got back to the waiting room she got more and more nervous.  She couldn’t sit still, then started to cry and lost all control of herself until boom……….she sneezed!  The force from the sneeze was so great that it dislodged the jewel, which came speeding from her nose and bounced several times across the hospital waiting room floor.  Fortunately, the waiting room was pretty quiet as the 3 of us looked instantly at each other and fell into hysterical laughter.  In fairness to the doctor, she too saw the funny side of it and wished us well.

The story still makes me smile to this day, but it does make me think about why kids stick things up their nose.  I’m not sure I’ll ever know the answer.  I have certainly been more vigilant around these kinds of things ever since as the consequences could have been very different.

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