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The word ‘home’ means something different to everyone. But whether you picture a relaxing hideaway or a hub for entertaining guests, there’s one thing that every homeowner has in common. Your home should be as unique as you are, becoming a space in which you’re free to be yourself. One of the quickest ways to achieve this is to tailor your interior décor to meet your preferences. On the day you moved in, chances are you started giving your personal touches the minute you walked through the door. Whilst this is a fantastic starting point, there are more effective methods of achieving your dream aesthetic, but they may at first seem a little bit daunting.

Take a look under your feet. When it comes to redecorating, many homeowners overlook their flooring, endeavouring to upgrade less permanent fixtures first. Although this may seem like the most sensible method of renovation, you’d be surprised at how many homeowners feel disappointed at the end result. A large percentage of people underestimate how drastically flooring can alter the look and feel of your home. A great choice of flooring can improve the dynamic of a room, and encourage continuity between all of your furnishings.

So, where do you start? With a heavily saturated marketplace, it’s difficult to know what’s right for you, especially if you’re completely new to the world of flooring. Whilst more traditional solutions such as carpet or solid wood will always be an excellent choice, there is one type of flooring which is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Engineered oak flooring is a contemporary take on classic hardwood, modified for additional strength and durability. With a specially constructed core of compressed timbers, engineered boards have all the visual characteristics of real solid wood, without adopting any of the shortcomings. Although the price-tag is a touch steeper than laminate or luxury vinyl tiles, engineered oak floors have a myriad of additional benefits that are sure to transform your home, giving it boundless individuality.

Peaked your interest? Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive if you purchase engineered oak flooring:


One of the first things you’ll notice about engineered oak boards are their high levels of adaptability. Solid oak is stunning, but it can prove very limiting when used as a flooring material. This is because it has a tendency to warp and buckle in areas with high levels of moisture and humidity. This, however, isn’t the case for engineered oak. Under the real wood surface lamella, each layer of timber is bonded together at a 90-degree angle. Consequently, movement within the board is made almost impossible, allowing the boards to be fitted in a wider variety of rooms. This includes kitchens, in direct sunlight, and even over underfloor heating!

Timeless Appearance

Oak is easily recognisable for its characterful grains and intricate textures. With a relatively neutral appearance, oak works with almost every style of interior. As a result, it will come as no surprise that this species has become one of the most popular choices of flooring amongst homeowners everywhere. But that isn’t to say that your home won’t look unique. The complexities of oak make every piece of timber vastly different, whilst retaining an iconic, timeless appearance. In fact, Oak flooring is so loved, it’s been known to actually increase the value of a property once it’s been installed, making it a pragmatic investment for those looking to sell in the future!


In recent years, there has been a growing consciousness surrounding the environment. It has never been more important to start making green choices with every aspect of your lifestyle, including your choice of flooring. It’s no secret that engineered oak is eco-friendlier than its solid oak counterpart. Whilst many manufacturers of solid wood flooring are taking steps to become more sustainable, engineered boards don’t need to be milled from a single piece of timber. Instead, the compressed core of engineered flooring utilises waste wood and pulp, using less materials during the construction process. If you want to be sure that your choice of flooring is 100% environmentally friendly, always remember to check that the manufacturer adheres to FSC regulations.

Easy to Fit

Traditional methods of flooring installation have proved labour intensive, and often require a professional fitter to complete efficiently.  However, updates in flooring technology have made for more simplicity when it comes to laying new floors. Due to their unique design, engineered oak boards can be manufactured with an integrated ‘tongue and groove’ or ‘click’ installation system. Instead of gluing your flooring directly to a subfloor, each plank fits seamlessly into one another, locking into place. This process, known as floating, removes the need for a variety of fitting equipment, including nails and strong adhesives. With these contemporary methods in place, even a DIY amateur could have a hand in fitting their new flooring.

Cheaper than Solid Oak

If there’s one thing that gets in the way of renovation projects, it’s the cost. Even if you’re not working towards a tight budget, you’re going to want to get the best value for money possible. Many homeowners are put off by the initial cost of solid oak. Thankfully, engineered oak flooring is indistinguishable in appearance, without the drawback of huge upfront fees. This is because engineered oak boards are fitted with only a surface layer of solid wood, rather than being composed entirely of real wood timber. Naturally, this cuts down on expenditures, so you can enjoy the stunning textures of oak without breaking the bank.                                                              

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