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Going back further now starts to get more difficult as their is very little family knowledge of this generation.

I did have a little help from a genealogist to make sure I have got the right birth certificate for William Thompson.

Using the William’s marriage certificate we were able to work backwards and use a process of elimination.


WILLIAM THOMPSON (1843 – 1921)

William Thompson was born on 21st June 1843 in Workington, Cumberland, his father, William Thompson and his mother, Jane (maiden name Young).

He had 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

2 brothers: Daniel and John.

2 sisters: Elizabeth and Margaret.



  • 1851 Census – Shows him living in Workington. He is living with his Father William and Mother Jane, his 2 brothers Daniel and John and his sister Margaret. Age 7, he is a scholar.
  • 1861 Census – Shows him living at 57 Queen Street, Crosscanonby. He is living with George and Elizabeth Watton and is a lodger. Age 17, he is a Coal Miner.
  • 1871 Census – Shows him living Ellenborough and Ewanrigg, with his wife Frances and 2 sons William and Joseph and daughter Ann. Age 27, he is a Coal Miner.
  • 1881 Census – Shows him living at 4 H Court in Crosscanonby with his wife Frances and 4 daughters  Ann, Sarah, Frances and Martha and 4 sons William, Joseph, Daniel and John. Age 37, he is a Coal Miner
  • 1891 Census – Shows him living in Ellenborough, with his wife Frances and 6 daughters Ann, Sarah, Frances, Martha, Mary and Bertha and and 4 sons John, Robert, James and Edward. Age 47, he is a Coal Miner.
  • 1901 Census – Shows him living in Netherhall, with his wife Frances and 4 daughters Ann, Martha, Mary and Bertha, 3 sons Robert, James and Edward and Granddaughter Thomasina. Age 57, his lists himself as a doorman and tavern keeper.
  • 1911 Census – Shows him living at the Jovial Butcher Inn, King Street in Maryport with his wife Frances and his Granddaughters Thomasina and Frances. Aged 67, he is the pub landlord.

In 1914 this website lists him as the Landlord of the Jovial Butcher Inn in 1906 – 1914.

As he died early in 1921 I don’t think he will be on the 1921 census records when they are released in 2021.



An article I found when searching the British Newspaper Archive, in the Maryport Advertiser on Saturday 29th July 1905, he had a driving accident:


A little before five o’clock on Friday afternoon Mr. William Thompson, of the Jovial Butcher Inn. Maryport, was driving along the Netherhall Road into Maryport in his spring cart, when on reaching St. Marys corner and attempting to turn up Wood Street, the horse shied and Mr. Thompson pulled vigorously at the reins in order to control it, with the result that one broke. Left with only one rein, Mr. Thompson, seeing it was impossible to control the horse he endeavoured to get out of the trap, but his foot slipped from the shaft and he fell heavily on to his head on the road. The horse bolted and galloped at a great pace into Netherton where it stopped. Mr. Thompson was badly cut on the head and was severely shaken. He was taken into Dr. Clark’s surgery, which is close at hand, and the doctor bandaged his wounds. He was subsequently able to walk home, but had evidently sustained a very severe shock.

Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.



William Thompson married Frances Armstrong on 27th August 1865 in the parish church of Cross-Canonby, Cumberland.



The 1911 census lists them as having 14 children, 1 of which had died.

Apart from Daniel, I haven’t spent that much time on them as they are not in the direct blood line, so I don’t know exact birth dates, the below are just estimates using Census information.

The information I have is taken from the 18711-1911 census records I found on Ancestry.

  • His son William was born in 1867
  • His son Joseph was born in 1868
  • His daughter Ann was born in 1870
  • His son Daniel was born on 29th November 1871 in Maryport, Cumberland (See previous blog post)
  • His daughter Sarah was born in 1874
  • His son John was born 1876
  • His daughter Frances was born 1878
  • His daughter Martha was born 1880
  • His son Robert was born 1882
  • His son James was born 1884
  • His son Edward was born 1886
  • His daughter Mary was born 1888
  • His daughter Bertha was born 1889



William Thompson died on the 10th March 1921 from Valvular Heart Disease (Mitral Incompetance) and Erysipelas at 63 Furnace Lane in Maryport.

According to his death certificate his son James Thompson was present at the time of death.

His occupation is listed as a retired Inn Keeper (which fits with his last known job at the Jovial Butchers Inn) and he was living at 20 Brewery Street, Barrow-in-Furness.



If you have any questions or know anything about my Great Great Great Grandad William Thompson, please ask or comment below.

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