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Your garage may be one of the most important rooms in your house. Besides being used for lawn supplies, tools and storage it’s also home to one of your most important investments: your car. With the weather getting colder and winter approaching fast it is important that you prepare your car’s home for the coming cold, wet weather. With the help of Sears Garage Doors, here are some tips to help you winter-proof your garage.

Step 1: Clean it Thoroughly

Think of this sort of as spring-cleaning, but in the fall. Make sure all of the summer dirt and debris is removed along with any leaves that might have found their way inside during the fall. Also, it’s very important that you get under all of the nooks and crannies, so don’t be afraid to move things around, like your car and sets of shelves. This can also be a good time to reorganize your garage if things have gotten a bit cluttered over the summer.

Step 2: Check the Weather Sealing

This will help keep out moisture caused by snow outside the garage, along with preventing damage from water that may be brought in either by yourself or by the wheels of your car. It’s important to seal your garage floor to prevent water from seeping in and creating the need to replace it.

“Make sure that the weather seal on the sides and top of the garage door are tight to the door on the outside and not broken,” Barry Brownstone, a Sears Garage Solutions franchise owner from Evanston, Ill., said. “The seal on the bottom of the door keeps out moisture and rodents.”

The sealant must be able to bond with the garage floor in order to function effectively.

Step 3: Keep Cold Air Out

Just like the rest of the house, your garage needs to be properly insulated. This includes walls and the garage door itself. Hiring a professional might be the way to go here in order to protect your car and any other machinery you keep in the garage. After all, the

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