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Earlier in the year, you may remember I worked with Peach Perfect on a review and giveaway of their amazing Police Box Bird Feeder. Which is still looking awesome in the tree and the birds love it!

As with many of the competitions, I run. I posed the question:

Which item do you most love from Peach Perfect?

A lot of people answered with The Witch Ball.

So when Kate got in touch again and asked if I would like to run another review/giveaway combo, I knew exactly which item to pick.

Rainbow Glass Witch Ball from Peach Perfect Hanging in a Tree

About Peach Perfect

In case you missed my first post on Peach Perfect, I thought I would give you a quick roundup about them.

Opened in 2014, Peach Perfect is run by the lovely Kate.

The idea for the store was to bring together a place online, where people could find and by and host of unique and different present ideas.

A place which could be your one stop shop for all your gift buying needs.

While still offering great customer service.

What are Witch Balls?

I have to admit until people started mentioning in the comments I hadn’t heard of witch balls.

So of course, I had to do some digging.

There are many stories about the origins of witch balls; from them originally being used in fishing and becoming synonymous with witches during the trials. As they both floated.

To the fact they may have been an early type of burglar alarm, hung near fences.

If you have come across one before, it may well have been in an antique store, where they are often found looking for a new home.

Of course, which of the many stories you believe is up to you.

Witch Balls from Peach Perfect

These days Witch Balls are mostly seen as a decrative home item.

Swirling with colour, between the glass strands.

Of course, there is still a legend that comes with them. It states;

Witch Balls were used as protection against evil spirits, sickness and ill fortune.

They are often hung near windows, in the porch or even in the garden. Sometimes they are seen hanging from the ceiling above a fireplace.

Rainbow Witch Ball

I was kindly sent the rainbow witch ball, which is beautifully colourful.

Swirling with colours and glass within the ball, make it really nice to look at and once placed in the window it really looks something else when the light shines through it.

I personally think that this would make for a really nice housewarming gift, perhaps with a little backstory explaining the history and present ideas of the witch ball.

The witch balls on the Peach Perfect website come in at 10cm and come in a choice of 4 colours; rainbow, blue, pink and red/grey. They cost £17 and can be bought via this link.

Rainbow Glass Witch Ball from Peach Perfect Hanging in a Tree


Of course, I mentioned earlier in the post that I had teamed up for a review and competition once again. So how can you win yourself a Witch Ball?

Well, all you need to do is head over to the Peach Perfect website and let me know, using 8 words or more:
What are your favourite items other than the witch balls and why?

Witch Balls

Good Luck!

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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Read the original post here authored by Sarah Bailey. You can visit this blog here.

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