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Christmas is all about eating fabulous food and spending time with loved ones. What else is there to do once the Queen’s Speech is over, the remnants of the fancy crackers have been cleared away, and Grandad is head down in the land of nod after packing away too many roasties. 

Family Games

Drumond Park one of the largest independent game manufacturers in Britain who brought you The Logo Board Game, Rapidough, and Absolute Balderdash has released a number of new games for the festive season.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be looking at two of them and giving you the chance to win a copy.

Arcade Classic

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Word Bandit is a team game of zig-zag words, categories or famous people based on that arcade classic, the one-armed bandit with a twist. But be careful, the more bandit faces that come up, the fewer letters you can see! 

Pop everything out of the box, and you’ll find:

  • a game board
  • sand timer
  • two coloured counters
  • one armed bandit machine with a sticker

Stick the sticker on the front of the one-armed bandit, get the board out and you’re ready to play.

The game consists of four easy word games:

  • Winding Words (purple)
  • Famous People (green)
  • Things That Begin With (yellow)
  • Words Containing (red)

Two teams start on a red piece completing the “Words Containing” game.  Slide the cover up to uncover one row of letters, pull the arm, flip the timer and call out as many words you can that contain those letters. Depending on how many you get right determines where you land. Get five correct and land on a purple spot. Adjust the cover to reveal all the letters, and you’ve started “Winding Words.” Depending on where you land who knows what game you’re going to play next.

Each team keeps count of the opposing team’s score, so no cheating!

What’s more frustrating when you get a game out the box, and it needs batteries? Not with Word Bandit. No batteries are required so bring your knowledge and sense of fun; then you’re good to go.

Level Up

word bandit

Andy and I played against our friends and their kids. Once we got the hang of the rules (tip: look at the corners of the board as it shows you the levels you need to select and task you need to complete) we had a great laugh. You can go one step further though. To make it a little more complicated you can give the colours that have no category, one of their own. So, a blank green dot could be initials of famous people but in “sport” or “music”  rather than just famous people. This takes the game up a notch for adults who might find the game too easy.

Easy to play and perfect for fun for all the family. 

For more information and stockists, visit

**Courtesy of Drumond Park. One lucky reader will receive a copy of Word Bandit (rrp £24.99) for themselves. Just fill in your details below for a chance to win.

Word Bandit Game Giveaway

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