“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”

You know that saying?
It’s about being a strong person and not letting people get you down. But even if you are the strongest minded person in the world, there are still people that can hurt you.
Words hurt. It’s sad but it’s true. People who don’t think before they speak can hurt you without even realising that they have done it.

All it takes is for someone to make a comment or a joke that you either take the wrong way, or too personally. We’ve all done it, I make jokes with people, and they can laugh it off, but deep down they could be offended by what I said, and I wouldn’t even know it because I was too careless with my words.
I’ve always been very slim, and someone I know recently saw me eating a big meal, and tried to ‘make a joke’ by saying that I will only go and make myself sick afterwards because I am watching my weight.
What they didn’t know was that, although I have never been bulimic, I had suffered with anorexia for years, and am now finally on the right track.

Words hurt

I am trying to put weight on, and look after myself, but I just can’t seem to gain weight.
For someone to make a joke like that, it may seem funny to them and they didn’t mean it horribly, and it wasn’t a personal attack; that’s what it felt like..
I went into a state of depression, and what they said really put me down.
I thought to myself ‘is that what everyone is thinking when they see me eat?’ Do they really think that’s what I do? Because that is so far from the truth..

It is so easy to be careless with words, and I think we all should think before we speak, because we don’t know what’s in someones past or what they have been through. So put yourself in the other persons shoes, and think of how you would feel if that was you.

I like to think I am thick skinned and don’t let other people get to me, but there are of course times when I can be sensitive to certain subjects. So I have said to myself- Right from now on, if someone says anything that upsets me, I am going to rise above it, choose to ignore it and remind that person and myself that their words are of no value to me and I’m not going to waste my time fretting over it 🙂

Us girls need to stick together and support each other, not bring each other down.

  • Be kind always
  • If you appreciate someone tell them
  • If you admire a persons style/hair/outfit, let them know!
  • Reassure people that they’re doing okay
  • Offer sensible advice when others need it

Be careful with your words, once said they can only be forgiven not forgotten

A version of this post was originally posted on my old blog ‘laurensaysitall’





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