The Children’s Society’s Good Childhood Report 2017 uncovered alarming new findings from research with thousands of young people about how many different pressures are affecting teenagers’ happiness.

Fear of crime is the most common problem, leaving 2.2m teenagers more likely to be unhappy. Boys and girls worry about different types of crime happening to them. Money troubles and emotional support at home are other top concerns among teens.

We’re really worried about how these serious problems are making teenagers feel. But the Government is sharply cutting funding for local services up and down the country that help children.

Unhappier than ever

The 2017 report is the 6th in-depth report from The Children’s Society and it is the most upsetting report yet.

Fear of crime is the most common problem, leaving 2.2m teenagers more likely to be unhappy.

What a sad state of affairs when our children are spending a disproportionate amount of time worrying about crime. When I was a teenager myself crime was at the back of my mind but not a major concern.  I’d take the obvious steps to keep myself safe but it certainly didn’t invade my thoughts.  Is it any wonder that more and more children are being diagnosed with stress and anxiety?

I believe that we are forcing our children to grow up too quickly – or is that because we have to? Social media is a wonderful thing but it is also giving us real time news reports and a lot of negative information that is hard for adults to process on occasion, never mind teenagers. With constant access to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms it is a struggle to limit what our children are viewing.

Then there are the television programme’s that are on such as the soaps, with Hollyoaks being one of the worst offenders for adult themes before the watershed.

1 in 3 teenage girls worry about being followed by a stranger.

That is a lot of girls. Should they be watching over their shoulders all the time? It is important to be vigiliant, that comes with maturity but

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