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23 bloggers share how they gather ideas for future blog posts

We asked a cross-section of bloggers the below question.

How do you gather ideas for blog posts?

Here is what they had to say.


I use Ahrefs content explorer to find content in my niche that is currently successful/ trending. You simply type in your topic and search for most shared articles on social media. This gives a really good idea of content that is likely to do well. Its really useful for generating ideas. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to test it out too.



A lot of my feature posts come about as a result of me wanting to react to something I’ve seen online or in the media. I like to post companion pieces to complement other blogger’s posts, or to add to the debate on certain subjects.

Because I follow and read a lot of blogs, most of my inspiration comes from other bloggers. I love to see what other people in the blogging community are doing, and sometimes I see something that sparks off an idea in my own head – then a post is born!



Being a lifestyle blogger I find inspiration in places that I visit and just my day to day life. Alternatively on other blogs that I’m part of much of my research goes into answering questions that my audience might have. This uses sites like Reddit to find issues that are being asked by others whether it is to do with Fitness, Technology, or any topic. Finding your audience and seeing the questions that they are asking is a great source of inspiration.



Most of my blog posts are about my life and my experiences but often, the ones that get the most views and conversation, are when I’ve woken, seen a news story or noticed a reaction to a subject I’m interested in, on Facebook and I’ve immediately written my thoughts, backed up, if needed, with information found with Google and published as soon as possible.



All of my blog posts are based on my own experiences. Usually, those are trips that I’ve made independently or while working on a campaign, but sometimes those experiences also consist of trying out products and services which I then write about. I almost never publish purely research based articles, nor do write articles based on press releases.



One of my favourite posts grew out of a coffee shop discussion with friends. we were discussing how to eat more fruit and veg – and realised that although we easily added fruit into breakfast it was hard to imagine eating veg at that time. I set about eating veg for breakfast for a week. I then had a set of recipes and pictures to hang the blog post on. I also use press releases as a starting point – and topics that I find of interest and want to learn more about.



I look what is current in languages news via Google keywords or link to a family day out we had.

I like to interview others in the preschool family language learning field and those just mad about languages.



– First of all:- have a folder on your notepad for photos you’ve seen that triggered a thought/inspiration (you can’t do this with a hard-copy planner

– Secondly:- Write down any thoughts triggered by something you’ve just, conversation, media.



I take inspiration from little very day things … If it’s fun or important to me then I want to blog about it.



From day to day activities or experiences. I tend to write a post about something I saw and thought was worth sharing, a place I’ve been to or an event I’m preparing for.



I get the main concept, then I research it to see who else has written about it. If it’s oversaturated etc. If it’s not oversaturated, then I figure out what I can do to make it newer. I research and test methods for a few weeks, before coming up with my own conclusions. I prefer to write from experience. My main sources are Pinterest, google searches, analytics,etc.



I always like to venture out in the world to get new idea’s for blog posts, or sometimes I randomly think of words and sentences while brushing my teeth, and then have to run to my phone or note pad to write it down. If I don’t write down my ideas, well they will be lost for forever because I never remember them later. Pinterest and Twitter are great if you’re stumped, follow other bloggers with the same interests or join in on some chats. I have always found other bloggers to be friendly, and if not, well most of them are. It’s always nice when you can find inspiration from the people around you, but don’t forget to be original and to put your own personality into the post.



I get a lot from tv, I’m stuck at home all the time at the moment so the tv is my friend. I get a lot of interesting ideas from morning programs, Like This Morning, and then there is Loose Women in the afternoon, these give me ideas for topical news related posts. Then in the evening it’s entertainment tv, but I’ll only write about a program if I find it really interesting and relevant to my readers. Then of course it’s the cooking programs. I baked along with British Bake Off last year and blogged all my efforts.



I’m not exaggerating when I say inspiration for blog posts can come from anywhere! Whether it’s daily life, latest industry news, or conversations with others, there is always the opportunity for a post idea to suddenly take shape. Keep your eye out for those moments and embrace the buzz of inspiration, because it is that sort of natural passion that will lead to amazing blog posts.

Carry a notepad or note-taking device around with you, and keep it by your bedside table at night. Sometimes the right idea or a golden sentence will pop into your head, and you’ll want to capture it before it flutters away. There have been countless times I get out of bed just to jot something down!



The majority of my blog ideas are direct side effects of the project I’ve worked on. Sometimes bigger projects will be split into multiple posts either because they take a long time to complete or because there is a lot to write about.

Photo posts often come about whilst I am walking in my lunch break, I’ll see an interesting bridge, gate or sculpture. A good example of that was when I spotted a drinking fountain for animals next to Richmond park. That lead to a trip to the reference library and a nice email from the Richmond Society. They turned out to be a good contact and sent me some more ideas for posts and put me in contact with a local artist/blacksmith.

Interview posts are normally when I find some interesting work on the web and get in contact with the artist or maker. I’ve found interesting people via Etsy and Twitter that way.

Finally my readers prompt me, either by saying what they are interested in or by what they search for to get to my site. A couple examples of that were blacksmith training courses and some knurling (patterning metal) posts.



Firstly, I think it’s a very precarious thing to use other blogger’s content as inspiration for your own content. When you read someone else’s content you may unintentionally “”lift”” concepts and pass them off as your own. I always recommend that you link to your inspiration if you use other people’s content and say what about it was inspiring to you.

Secondly, inspiration for blog posts come in many forms from something someone says to you, to something you see when you’re out. So it’s important that you have a way of capturing these ideas. I’ve read that you can even get a diver’s slate for those ideas that come in the shower!

I’ve found the best way to generate blog post ideas is using non-linear thinking and explore the “”what if”” angle.

*What if children never potty trained?

*What if businesses never had to blog?

*What if cookers never had to be cleaned?

*What if no one ever needed PR?

What if allows you to really explore an idea in a blog post, and be very original in your thinking, no matter what niche you’re in.

You can then spin this into “”When””

*When children never potty trained

*When businesses never had to blog

*When cookers never had to be cleaned

*When no one ever needed PR

It can be the same topic as the “”what if”” but it becomes a completely new post when that’s replaced with “”when””. Again, this really unleashes your creativity and gives you blog post ideas that other bloggers only dream of having!

If you’re really stuck, you can apply what if and when to news stories. Again, just make a note of them, and whatever nags you at the back of your mind, is the story waiting for you to tell it.



I love to keep up with the latest news stories and going about my everyday activities gives me inspiration for new posts. I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as my sources.



I find that if I have a life experience perhaps a trip, holiday, day out then this helps me curate content. I share funny stories and adventures.

I draw ideas from the photography I use and try and be as descriptive and visual as I can be when describing the parts not in the images.



I like to write honesty about real life, so I usually have about 10 draft posts going with things that have been on my mind recently. I save them up until the weekend, when I sit with some nice Earl Grey tea and write them all up!



  1. Keep an eye on new product releases. Not only will you have something to blog about, you might find a new ‘holy grail’ product!

  2. Magazines are a great source of inspiration – use them!

  3. Have a notebook where you can jot down any ideas you might have. That way you won’t forget them.



We like to chat to other people in the industry to get an idea of the latest lingerie trends to base new posts around. We interact a lot with other bloggers and interested readers on social media including Twitter, Facebook and Reddit to find out what they’d like to see in terms of reviews and upcoming collections on the blog to bring them useful information.



I get my ideas from everywhere! It might be something I’ve been thinking about, something we’ve done, something I’ve read or heard which has inspired my own opinion.  I also like to review things I think are great and there are always new things to try, so there’s never anything to run out of writing about! If I do feel a little low on inspiration, I like to have a browse at Pressloft to create a fun wishlist or home decor style post of my favourite items.



Honestly, through a variety of sources. Through conversations with my family and friends, through things I see on social media and videos I watch. A lot of the time I write posts that I want to read about and that are interesting to me. I don’t have a set plan or schedule, I just write when I feel inspired.

Do you have any interesting ways to gather future blog posts?



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