Let’s be honest, puppies are bloody adorable. So are teeny tiny kittens. They’ve got all that long fur, big doe eyes, adorable little bark or meow…


Plus those sharp claws, big teeth, and love of scratching or chewing anything which is placed in their path. Plus questionable toilet habits. Oh and they need lots of training and attention so that they learn the rules of their house. Oh and lots of love and cuddles at 2am because they’ve woken up cold and having a nightmare and need to be rocked back to sleep in your arms…

My name is Jodie, and I am a crazy cat lady.

My point is, having pets is hard. Like really hard work. Especially in the beginning, with toilet training, and the inevitable accidents. With pets, you can’t just take off at a moments notice. Your boyfriend has book a surprise weekend in Berlin? Oh how sweet…let me just check I can get a dog sitter. Last minute tickets to that gig you were saying to see which involves an overnight stay? Let me just check my sister can look after the cat. I would imagine it is like having a child; the difference being that one day a child will grow up and be able to look after themselves (in theory, I think my Mum is still waiting for me to reach this stage.) Your pet? Yeah they are going to need you for THEIR WHOLE LIVES. And that could be a while.

Read the full original post here authored by Jodie Merritt. You can visit her blog here.

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