This isn’t a post for pity or even attention, I’m not like that but one thing I promised myself when I decided to start blogging was that I would keep it 100% real. Too many blogs only share the good ‘insta worthy’ side of their lives, that is something I vowed to never do, for my life isn’t all glitter and rainbows, there’s many, many clouds and storms in the mix and that is what I wanted to share with you, for the internet gives us all that false idea that everyone else has that kind of picture perfect life and we seem to be forever in this up and down roller coaster.

I’ve seen many “Day in the life of” posts lately, but they all seemed so rosy and happy. I know that sometimes our days are far from that and it can be scary to talk about, you’re scared of the judgement, the thought of people thinking you’re failing at this whole being an adult thing – I promise you, you aren’t! I’m past worrying about what people think about me and I feel that this needs to be shared so others in my position know that they are far from alone and it is normal and okay to feel like this.

Well lets go, Here is a day that I have had recently…

I awake from my broken nights sleep, somehow more tired than I was before I went to bed, how is that possible?
Shaniah has given me the pre 7am wake-up call and all I want to do is spend the day in bed, nothing can go wrong for me there. Lately both my Heart and Epilepsy have been flaring up and with epilepsy, Anxiety comes hand in hand, until recently I had kept how I sometimes feel to myself, at every Epilepsy appointment I am asked how I feel in myself but I just smiled and told them I couldn’t be better, it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Supra-ventricular Tachycardia and the specialist said that he could tell “I am anxious do I suffer from Anxiety?”(I wouldn’t

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