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Bloggers Required helps brands with blogger outreach, via blogging assignments. Bloggers check the site daily to see if they can complete any of the daily brand or business assignments.

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Add your blogging assignment for blog owners to review, making them as targeted as possible, and then wait for the relevant bloggers to get in touch. Make blogger contacts, get coverage and get noticed.

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  • Jim Cregan, Founder – Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Bloggers Required has been a great way to get news out about our business across a ‘roots’ level of awesome bloggers. It is massively simple to use, it takes no time to set up and the blogger outreach requests come in thick and fast. Be prepared to reply to them all!


  • Latest blogger outreach assignments

Blogging assignment: FILM REVIEW: Emotional, Award-Winning Documentary on the Diplomats who Rescued Thousands During WWII

Blogging assignment: (US & Canadian bloggers) Natural Skincare Line needs exposure – Paraben free, no chemical clutter

Blogging assignment: Give yourself permission to do great things ( a crowd funding initiative )

Blogging assignment: Conference Call for Positive Change: Be one of the first few to write about a great conference calling service raising money for good causes

Blogging assignment: The School For Good and Evil – a new children’s book

Blogging assignment: Will a Houseplant help change your life for the better? Let us send you one #ChangingPlants

Blogging assignment: US bloggers wanted to review Uth Anti-Aging Serum

Blogging assignment: Review: Bake Your Own Boyfriend/House Husband/Sex God Cookie Cutter: Free sample in return for blog + pictures of cookies made!

Blogging assignment: UNIQUE Fragrance Brand to Launch in the UK

Blogging assignment: The Three – book review, book competition and reader giveaway

Blogging assignment: UK beauty/style/fashion bloggers wanted to promote a competition to win a riley handheld handbag

Blogging assignment: FILM REVIEW: 108 Media Corp Presents a Hilarious, Cross-Cultural, South-African Romantic Comedy

Blogging assignment: Review a quirky beer glass – FREE BEER!

Blogging assignment: Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones for Review

Blogging assignment: English Relics looking for bloggers to review their concept of designing jewellery featuring Roman and Medieval archeological finds

Blogging assignment: Review our ‘green powder’ product range – Chlorella, Spirulina and Wheatgrass Powder

Blogging assignment: Review of New Formal Menswear Brand & Collection

Blogging assignment: The House of St Barnabas – #JohnsStory

Blogging assignment: Development help & blogger reviews for new children’s toiletries brand

Blogging assignment: (US bloggers) Review our thyroid & metabolic support formula – a natural nutritional supplement

Blogging assignment: UK fashion bloggers needed to promote an exciting new Red Heel Tips brand

Blogging assignment: (UK bloggers) Food & Drink – Unique and Speciality Review

Blogging assignment: (US bloggers) Vinyl Wall Lettering Home Decor – Trendy Wall Quotes

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About Bloggers Required

Bloggers Required is a FREE service for bloggers. It aims to be a facilitator between small businesses, agencies, brands and start-ups looking for support with blogger outreach, helping to make life a little bit easier for everyone involved.

We invite brands to fill in a simple and intuitive form, which we call a ‘blogging assignment‘. The assignment acts as the overview, detailing how the brand would like bloggers to help.

The assignment can be extremely flexible in scope, ranging from the promotion of products or services, attendance at events, to running giveaways or competitions, or even job offers.

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